OCR Norway

3. desember - Linda Pilerud

Mari Weider

It is getting close to Spartan Ultra World Championship 2018 on Iceland. There is one girl missing, who should have been there - Linda. She is my Spartan-girl-crush. She is a fierce girl, not afraid to show off her muscles, and she loves a good carry. After many Spartan Championships I have learn to grow a deep love for this girl, she is so kind, down-to-earth and easy to be around. Also she is a great athlete - unfortunately for me she is in my age-group from 2019, so I need to step up my game to keep head to head with this Spartan Chick! Bring on 2019 Linda - cant wait to travel and explore the world further with you!

Name, age, country:

Linda Pilerud, 40 years old, Sweden

IG/ web:

@lindapilerud on IG and FB

What brought you into this sport:

I got a ticket for Tough Viking in Stockholm 2016 as a gift for Mothers Day, I was hooked from the start!!

Favorite race:

Since I love long, gritty races I have to say Spartan!

Favorite obstacle/ venue:

Favorite obstacle is ring walk..andropes… and heavy carries.. :D I love all venues that include steep climbs and technical trail running.

My training:

I work out more or less everyday because I love and it keeps me sane… I run 40- 60 k every week, mixed with a lot of crossfit and traditional weight training.

Life motto:

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it”

Goal for 2019:

Next year I will hopefully do more longerraces, both Ultras and 24 hour races. I love mountain running so hoping to do a lot of that, would like to improve my trail running!