OCR Norway

4. desember - Anette Heimli Jokstad

Mari Weider

So this girl is amazing! Like all the other ladies I have picked for this calender! She is humble and a bit shy, doesn’t think much of herself, quiet - but then she finds a rig - you are blown away. We first met the day before X-run in 2016, and she was curious of the sport. She was a former footballplayer, and wanted to try OCR. A year later she placed 15 (!) in Toughest Oslo! She is not only a great obstacle racer, but she is also fast! Unfortunatly she has been out with injury this season - but now she is back playing monkey were ever she can, and she is also back in the running shoes. I am so looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring. And btw…did you know she could fly??? Her PB flying monkey at Farm Ninja Challenge was with 2.6 metres…and she made it look easy!!!

Name, age and team/country:

Anette Heimli Jokstad, 30, Team OCR Norway and Velledalen IL



What brought you into this sport:

I have always loved different kind of sports, and after watching an OCR race in 2015, I became very fascinated by all the versatile athletes. I got a knee injury in in 2015 that forced me to stop playing football. I had to do something else and OCR was therefore the natural choice for me. The combination of running, strength and fun is perfect!

Favorite race:

Toughest and Bootcamp survivor Hønefoss

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Flying monkey and roman rings

How is your training:

Mostly running and one or two sessions with fullbody strength every week. I often use different outdoor gyms called “tuftepark” for grip strength. In addition to this my boyfriend and I also visit different OCR facilities around Oslo, such as Farm Ninja Challenge, Bootcamp Hønefoss and Hinderskogen.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

Think less, live more

Your goal for 2019:

Top 5 in a Toughest race and stay injury-free