OCR Norway

2. desember - Adna Tahirovic

Mari Weider

So today I am giving you a little treat! This girl is an up-and-coming star. She is young and she is hungry. I am actually not quite sure when I met her the first time, because she is very quiet and does not make a lot of fuss around herself. But after having spent some time with her, my respect for this girl is fast growing. We had an amazing trip together to Toughest in Gothenburg were she placed 23 of all girls - and for those of you who does not know Toughest, that is an awesome placement! She placed 7 in the qualifier heat too! And after qualifying for OCRWC she raced the 15 km with amazing results. Just 11% of the girls finished with their bracelet, she managed - but unfortunately came in 8 (!) minutes after the deadline of 4 hours. Next year Adna - I know 2019 will be a crazy year for her - and I cannot wait to follow her journey!


Name, age and team/country:

Adna Tahirovic, 24 years old. I´m living in Norway and running for Team OCR Norway.


On my instagram@adnatahirovic I share photos/videos from my training, races and my daily life.

What brought you into this sport:

I had my first OCR race in june 2018, on Tough Viking in Oslo. I saw some videos on You tube from the race, and wanted to challenge myself. Then I persued a friend to go with me. From this day I was addicted. It has never since been option to not do OCR races again. On the race I also qualified for European Championships in Esbjerg. Then my more serious approach to OCR racing started.

I played handball when I was younger, and have always worked out. I love all kind of sport, but OCR was something different.It wake up a passion in me I didn´ t know I had.

Favorite race:

I haven´t tested out so many different kind of races yet. I ran Tough Viking, Toughest, Navy race, OCREC and OCRWC. I liked them all. If I need to pick one I would say OCRWC 15k.

Favorite obstacle/venue:

hmm..this was a difficult question…The strange thing with obstacles is that you hate them so much when you can´t figure out how to complete them, but then after completing the obstacles… It´s like….one love <3

How is your training:

I don´t have a strict training plan. I have always worked out a lot, running both intervalls and longer running sessions combined with strength training. I have also trained Krav Maga, but stopped when I started with OCR (needed to save my hands for OCR haha).

Now I do the same as before, but I do more grip training in my strength sessions. I also try to do more of the long running- sessions than before.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

Do whatever makes YOU happy, and don´ t let anyone or anything stop you ;)

Your goal for 2019:

My goal for 2019 is definitely to run more races than in 2018. I also want to try some Spartan races. One of my goals must be to try to complete all obstacles during races, to avoid penalty rounds or burpees (not my favorite excercise).