OCR Norway

31.december - Ulrikke Evensen

Mari Weider

Did you think it was over?? Well - it is not! It is time to say Thank you to 2018 and welcome to 2019. And to do that I have saved this amazing girl. Ulrikke is a Spartan lover, Toughest Mudder crusher - she is a fighter - and after a season with injuries, I am super excited about seeing how far she can go. She passed me by at OCRWC and I still regret not stopping her, but as I have said before in this calendar it is strange how you see people as idols, but probably, and hopefully they would just be happy to say hi! Next year I will come say Hi Ulrikke!

Name, age and team/country:

Ulrikke Evensen, 23 years old, Denmark


Instagram: @ulrikke_evensen     Facebook: Ulrikke Evensen – OCR Athlete             Website: ulrikkeevensen.dk


What brought you into this sport:

I actually came from a background of horseback riding and having my own showjumping horse. I sold him when I started studying software development and I’ve always been very active and been training (everything from trampoline, horseback riding, fitness/bodybuilding and polefitness) and I needed a new goal to train for. I stumbled upon Toughest in 2015, but I couldn’t make it to the Copenhagen event, so I decided to train for the one in Göteborg even though I knew nothing about the sport or anyone in it. Went to Sweden on my own and ran the event, failing half of the obstacles, but having so much fun that I immediately signed up for every OCR race that was left that winter. I’ve always wanted to be my best at what I do, so it kind of snowballed from there, and in summer 2016 I dropped out of my studies to pursue the sport as the first racer in Denmark to take that leap.

Favorite race:

This is a really tough one, I love a lot of them, but I think the one that has scared me the most and made me the most proud of myself is World’s Toughest Mudder. I also really love the Toughest 8-hour (that are now 12-hour) events. I like the longer stuff, so anything from 15-20 km and upwards is my jam. I also love the mental aspect of the endurance races.

Favorite obstacle/venue:

I love grip obstacles and anything where you’re flying, as it’s kinda scary and yet so much fun! I love Reborn’s Nutz which is flying monkey in big rotating bolts. My favourite venue would have to be the Spartan venue in Oberndorf/Tirol. That scenery is so amazing, you’re running through forests, open fields, a gravel pit, up a long narrow stream as well as up a water fall, you swim through natural lakes and run up ski slopes. It has everything.

How is your training:

Very varied. I run a lot, enjoy trail running the most. I do grip strength by myself and with the Reborn OCR team. I do race specific training with a mix of cardio and obstacles and I occasionally go bouldering and take spin classes. I like to mix things up so I never get bored and I love learning new tricks on obstacles or in calisthenics.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

There’s Nothing You Can’t Do.

Your goal for 2019:

Be healthy all year. Take my performance to a new level. Crush it at OCRWC and WTM ;)