OCR Norway

21. december - Hilde Rørvik Nordstrand

Mari Weider

Its getting close to christmas, but I have so many more goodies for you. Today I am superproud to present to you one of Norways fineste elite girls. She is filled with energy 24/7, and I think I have never seen this girl without a smile on her face. She is fierce, filled with ambitions - but she is also fair and a good player. Her job is to keep people active, and in the spring/summer/fall you can join her bootcamps…but be awere -most of them includes hillclimbs! …and yeah…her nickname is Super-Hilde!!!


Hilde Rørvik Nordstrand, 30 years old- Norway



What brought me into this sport:

Randomly bumped into it- loved it after my first race! Which was Toughest Oslo in 2015

Favorite race:

Toughest and Barskingen

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Flying monkey/Holmenkollen-Oslo

My training:

I train 5-6 days a week in addition to my classes at work. Strength and running is what I do most. Skiing in the winter and mountain running in the summer.

Life mottto:

Live with fire! 😉

My goal for 2019:

Not sure yet. Win 1 race and manage the swing walk obstacle 🙂