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20. december - Cecilie B Thomsen

Mari Weider

Finally I can proudly present to you Cecilie.  She is one of the Danish Girls…and we all know that the Danish are one step Ahead of us when it comes to OCR. Thanks to Claus and Carina in DOCRA the Danish are leading in Europe, and also in the world With a lot of amazing athletes. And Cecilie is one of them! Again, I cannot remember the first time we met, but we have Spartan in common, and last year we ran against eachother in the teamcompetition in OCRWC. She is a fantastic human, and a big smile. Always a joke or tree Down her sleeve, and it is impossible not to laugh when you are together With Cecilie. Again I say thank god we are not in the same division…but one can always “compete” against eachother on a friendly way anyhow :)


Cecilie Thomsen, 34 år, Danmark


@ ceciliebthomsen

How did you get into OCR?

I have always loved running, but needed something new, so I signed up for my first Nordic Race in 2015 and fell in love right away. I absolutely loved everything about the race and Nordic Race has been one of my favorite races ever since. They never stop developing and is still in muý opinion one of the most innovativ OCR races.

Favorite obstacle:

My favorite obstacle is Platinum Rig <3

Do you have any life motto?

I believe life is too short to not follow your dreams, so I live by: Love what you do, do what you love

Goal for 2019?

As I am entering a new AG in 2019 (35-39) I am looking forward to compete angainst some crazy cool ladies at OCREC & OCRWC