OCR Norway


Mari Weider

....fortsatt lei meg og skuffet over egen innsats her...men fant igjen noen flotte ord å dele med dere.... 



Somewhere in the world there is a tournament going on.


Men with expensive cars that fly their stylists in, because imagine that their hair doesn’t look good. Men who earn millions and don’t know what to do with it, men crying at a sliding and must be carried off on a stretcher for a bruise.

Men running after a ball.

A tournament where fans sometimes gruesomely attack each other.


Today there was an European Championship going on in our own little country.


A Championship without distinction between men and women, where people with scrapes, bruises, contusions, sprains, cramps do not think abot giving up but just have to dig deeper into their soul to keep going, a contest with mutual respect because we all know how hard you have to fight on the course and beyond to get there, where 95% of the participants do not have a sponsor, must train hard by themselves to get here, must provide their own nutrition, physiotherapy etc.


You barely earn your entry fee back if you win.

A championship where nobody whines about how their hair looks or if their clothes are nice and clean.


The race in which you encourage your teammates from the side, at times when their bodies completely sours but they still have the rope to climb, they'll constantly try to boost to continue, overcome fears and above all not to give up where you scream when it is needed, in which you cheer tot them when an obstacle is overcome, but also cry together.


What a day it was today .....


I did indeed cheered and screamed for my teammates and I've cried with them.

Cried because theyfinished the final obstacle, cried because their wristbands were taken or not, cried from happiness, pride and sorrow.


OCR is beautiful .... the togetherness is gigantic !!


Where do you find that a whole audience sympathizes with everyone on the course and especially at the final obstacle, where the audience cheers for everyone, whatever country you come from, everyone sympathizes !! Goose bumps because of how everybody was cheared for at the clogs .... the damn tough clogs ..


Today laughed, hugged, consoled, cried and enjoyed all.

Sports is beautiful, but OCR is fantastic !!!!




Javel - armbåndet røyk, men fortsatt -  en stor grunn til at jeg elsker sporten er alle vennene jeg har fått!