OCR Norway

Today just needed to be in english...

Mari Weider

Wow...so how could I predict how horrible this day would be! In January I was kind of freakin out because there was no trip planned for UK. Last year we were 4 times over with out UK family, and it felt so strange not having anything planned. I knew we were going to take at least one trip...but when? We need to bring the kids this year, also want to go camping so April felt like a bad month to do that on with two kids and me being use to hotels... May was not an option since it collided a with Barskingen. So comes June...with Aston down - amazing memories...and collides with Chicken race...Hard choices...good friends vs amazing race...but the friends won. So in a little under 3 months we head back to Aston down!


So the race in Uk today went down without us. And all the pictures and all the updates made me smile and cry at the same time. All my friends all my ocr-families both from Norway, Sweden and Uk were there. Even the US were there. But even though it hurt, I am so glad for all the updates, I enjoyed every single one and cannot wait to be back and give everybody the hugs they should have had today!

Love you all and miss you so much! 

Hugs Mari XXX