OCR Norway

My OCR girl crushes

Mari Weider

From today and the rest of December the blog will be in English. Please excuse that my English is not perfect but I will do my best!

Tomorrow is first of December and I cannot wait to present to you my Advent Calendar! I have for a long time wanted to present to you my girlcrushes within OCR. Don’t misunderstand, when I say girlcrushes I mean the girls I admire not only for their talent within the sport, but also for their personality and for being amazing role models for the rest of us.

I admire seeing talented people within all sports, from track and fields, to handball to winter sports - but my game is OCR. Of course I find it crazy fun to see the men fly through the obstacles, but what really makes my goosebumps rise is the girls who do the same! I have travelled a lot, met many people from all around the world, and one of the thing that is common for them all is the love for this sport and the humbleness they show. They are genuine happy for not only their victories, but also for the things they achieve, they also always have time to include other people, give advice, socialize and help the sport develope . They fight, are strong and amaze me with all their actions.  

I hope you will enjoy this Calender as much as I did making it! 

Love Mari