OCR Norway

11. desember - Toril Egner

Mari Weider

Finally we come to the girl that defined OCR girl crush for me. I first met Toril at Farm Ninja Challenge, but didnt talk so much with her. She was a shy and quiet girl. But the more time I spend with her the more respect I got for her. She is funny and Sweet - and eventually turns out to be quite a monkey! One day we were in Hinderskogen practicing for the OCRWC when she suddenly turns up. In 2XU tights that really looked smashing on her. She had me already there, with her long blond hair and big smile! We were playing with the stairways to heaven, and Superman did it his way. He took one step at the time with his hands, and then Toril said - that looked easy! Then she took off her jacket, still in her smashing tights and now a tight top too...and as I stood there drooling she flew up the stairs just like Superman. And I was like...”I’m in love!”

I am super proud to present to you this definition of OCR girl crush, a smashing hot woman, a strong and superb monkey!!! 


Toril Egner, 35, OCR Norway



What brought you into this sport?

I have always done a lot of different sports, skiing, climbing, swimming, but I’ve never been really good at anything. When I joined a colleague and his team at Toughest Holmenkolenin 2017 I had so much fun. I figured OCR is the perfect sport for me. Now I’ve done quite a lot of races this season and I love it even more. I want to see how good I can get.

Favorite race:

Toughest races, because I like technical obstacles. And I like the fast line concept.

Favorite obstacle:

Multi rigs, monkey bars


I think climbing and doing “ninja stuff” is the most fun. I have two girls, 8 and 10, and we do a lot of playing together. But I need to work on my running so I plan to run or go cross country skiing at least three times a week this winter.

Life motto:

Finding a balance between fun training, family life and just chilling.

Goal for 2019:

Top 20 at Toughest races, dear to do the flying monkey at races and run 10 k in sub 45. Try some new Norwegian races and also I would like to try a Spartan race.