OCR Norway

8. desember - MariNetta

Mari Weider

«Tøffeste fjellvetta med fletta!» 

Today I am actually going to be so rude as to take the blog for me and Anette. The wait is over, its been almost 365 days for us to Get our revench. We both have a thing or two to get even with her on Iceland. Plus - I think we are pretty awesome taking on this challenge one more time.

To speak for myself, I fell a little bit in love with the long, crazy races last year. I am not the fastest one in the course and I am not the most teqniqual - but I can keep on going, for hours and hours. That is why I enjoyed every moment last December in Hveragardi. I am gonna miss my girls, but this year I need to focus on my self and my goals. I am always afraid to say my dreams out loud - but still - they are my dreams and this year I have 3 pretty hairy ones:

  • make the 50 miles patch
  • Make the podium in age
  • Qualify for Spartan European championship and OCRWC

Time will show if these goals are over ambitious - they probably are, and I am going to fight for them. But I am willing to give it a fight!

About Anette - she is our girl in the elite start, and I am super excited to see what she can make of today. She is faster than me, she is filled with energy and she is ready to get her revench from last year. She slept for a few hours last year, but this year she has pit crew and going to be pushed hard. To make the 50 miles for her will be “easy” (nothing is easy in Iceland!), but the question is - can she push beyond the 50 miles, and can she reach top 5??

She too has a few hairy dreams, and since she probably is long gone into the competition zone I will reveal them too here:

  • perform so that I am satisfied with my own job
  • At least make the 50 miles patch
  • Top 5 elite

To make our dreams come true we need to work and push all through the night, so please follow us on @ocrqueen and @netta_netto    and give us some positivity through the dark hours!