OCR Norway

6. desember - Hanne Morken

Mari Weider

Finally today I am proud to present to you Hanne! I cannot exactly remember the first time we met, but what I cannot forget is the fire in her eyes when she danced through the obstacles of OCRWC 2017. How she got stuck and roared out “move”! to the poor guy who was too slow in front of her. Hanne is a humble and quiet girl, yet she is never afraid to speak her mind, and you dont pick on her! She knows what she wants and she goes all inn. She is a warmhearted person, and she is easy to fall in love with. I am so happy for all the supercool memories I have with this girl in 2018, and I am excited about what 2019 will bring for her. (but I was most proud seeing her in OCRWC 2018 running in the teamvest for team OCR Norway - so proud to have you on our team Hanne!)

Name, age and team/country:

Hanne Morken, 22 years old from Norway 


Hmorken on instagram

What brought you into this sport:

It started with a challenge from a friend in 2016. My first race was Tough Viking in Holmenkollen, and lets say it has been some races after that 🙊

Favorite race:

I haven’t tried so many different races yet, but I am a huge fan of the concept in Toughest. But this year I want to try more Norwegian races! 

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Hm, I think that must be Stairways to heaven or Nunchucks. Difficult and hard obstacles, but even better feeling to beat them!

How is your training:

Pretty much everything I want to! I try to do a lot of running sessions, some times swimming and a lot of strength and climbing

Do you have a life motto you live by:

Attitude is everything! 😎

Your goal for 2019:

Right now am I injured, so I just hope to be injured-free before the season starts. Then my goal is to qualify for the OCREC and OCRWC