OCR Norway

5. desember - Maja Wellner

Mari Weider

Now Maja is a girl I dont really know so well. I first met her at a ninja competition at Farm Ninja Challenge. We just called her “the Swedish girl”. She was too good…. In the beginning of the competition we didn’t follow her so close, we just noticed that she was really good - and a fast monkey! Of course she managed to easy get from stage 1 till stage 2, and of course also to stage3. But know there was a a lot of grips and more technical challenges, which all the girls struggled a bit with. So that actually made it a little bit more exciting…but still she beat us - not so easy - but still! Her team is Team Kroppslabbet, so that of course explains it, but still it is an achievement to be a good monkey. And also to combine it with running, gives her that extra respect. As I said, this years 15 km course in age groups at OCRWC was brutal, but this girl not only finished with her bracelet - she finished nr 23 in PRO! Well done Maja, and I hope to get to know you better at the next Ninja competition ;)

 Name, age and team/country:

Maja Wellner, 22 years old, Team Kroppslabbet, Sweden



What brought you into this sport:

It seemed like a great challenge and I liked that it required you to be both a good runner and have good strength to able to succeed on the obstacles.

Favorite race:

Toughest and OCR World Championship.

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Spinning wheels and rigs.

How is your training:

My goal is to train 5-6 days every week, with a mix of running (both intervals and slow pace distance) and strength with mostly focus on grip, core and pull ups of different variations.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to peruse them.”

Your goal for 2019:

To compete in the OCR World Championship once again.