OCR Norway

23. december - Julie Alexandra Wahr-Hansen

Mari Weider

When you race OCR’s and aim for a good Place, maybe especially in Toughest, there is one thing you cannot do - stand on an obstacle and watch somebody else! Never ever stop! Well, I did! In Gothenburg this fall, I knew that Julie raced for a podium Place, it is always crowded in the top 5 postitions, and the ramp always turns out to be the joker. When I came to the Dragonsback she came into the ramp, and I just had to see How she did. I probably missed some places there, and she came 4th! Julie is a fighter; she has had so many injuries, so many disapointments - still she fights her way back, year after year, and she is amazing! As the rest of the girls I have been writing about she is hungry, she wants so much - yet still she is humble and kind. When talking to her in Gothenburg this fall it hits me standing next to her, no wonder she is a good runner - her legs are soooo long, almost reaches the sky. If I were you I would check her IG - it is a fantastic mix of  Pics and inspiration from withouts and races, and in between Pics of an incredibly beautiful girl!


Julie Alexandra Wahr- Hansen, 26 years, Norwegian



How did you get into OCR?

It was a coincidence 3 years ago actually. I preformed cross country skiing at that time and heard some rumors about a fun race coming to Oslo called Toughest. So I joined it and did preform quite good. I went to Denmark 2 weeks later to do another race and placed top 5 in the Elite. I was then asked to join a professional team, and so I did.

Favorite race/obstacle:

My all-time favorite race is The RedbullConcuer The Castle!

I really like “The Wings”

How is Your training?

My training Is 1-2 sessions a day. 70 % is aerobe training and 15 % is anaerobe (running, skiing, roller-skiing cycling and swimming). The last 15 % is heavy strength training, core, obstacle technique/ grip strength and agilitytraing for runners.

Do you have a life motto?

I don’t have any special life motto but I often remind myself when making a hard or important decision to bace my choice on my own instinct and feelings rather than trying to impress or get acceptance from others.

Your goal for 2019:

I got lots of goals ahead, so I would say my main goal for 2019 would be to keep believe in myself and work hard to reach them.