OCR Norway

19. december - Sarah Greene

Mari Weider

Today we go Back to the Uk and this Sweet girl! She is humble and quiet, but inside she is a fierce girl! We first met up at Isle of Skye at the crazy event Agoge. As most of you maybe know, Joe got into My head and f*cked me up. But Sarah Went all the way and Even got the coin of honour at the end. I miss her like crazy and ate proud to present her to you guys!

Name, age and team/country:

Sarah. 30. UK.


eat.run.explore www.eatrunexplore.com

What brought you into this sport:

I did my first ocr with friends in 2013. I wasn’t fast and I wasn’t strong but as soon as I finished, I was desperate to improve. I didn’t do another until a year later, but after a year of training and the buzz of seeing how I’d improved, I was addicted.

Favorite race:

Spartan Race. Normally in a foreign place (although I love Spartan UK!). I’ve been lucky enough to run Spartans in Mexico, Slovakia, Greece, Ireland and the US.

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Sparta! Favourite obstacle is a carry with an epic view.

How is your training:

Crossfit and running (with a running club).

Do you have a life motto you live by:

Do it because you can.

Your goal for 2019:

Keep having fun. Keep travelling and doing epic shit. Keep improving bit by bit.