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18. december - Morgan McKay

Mari Weider

Hold on guys! Today is the blog visited by the amazing Morgan McKay or Worlds Toughest Morgan if you want. I started to follow Morgan after last years Ultra on Iceland which she won. I hadnt heard about her, and started to check out her pics and training - and was totally blown away. She is an amazing athlete and a true hero. This year I finally met her when we both came back to Iceland. She is supersweet and the biggest smile ever. This year she came in 2nd, but still a big smile. I must say it is a big honor to meet all this amazing athletes from around the world. After finishing 7 laps on Iceland myself, I know what a big achievement it is to finish 8, so I bow for these crazy girls. And btw - did you know that Morgan draws the coolest drawings from her races??

48422523_371420130291732_7521535191920148480_n (1).jpg

Drawing: Morgan McKay


Morgan Mckay, 30 from Canada.



How did you get into OCR?

I started OCR seven years ago. I didn’t used to be athletic and my cousin convinced me to do a Spartan Sprint. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but I felt so accomplished when I finished that I became hooked!

Favorite race?

Favourite race: Worlds Toughest Mudder, it’s the ultimate challenge and I won’t stop trying until I win!

Favorite obstacle/venue?

Favourite obstacle is anything with rings, I love flying though it!

Favourite venue is Spartan Ultra in Iceland, nothing compares to running under the Northern lights!

How is your training? 

I have been training with YancyCamp for over 2 years now. It’s really taken my training to the next level. I am very consistent, and train around 1-3 hours a day, 6 days a week. I do a ton of incline work and tire drags for endurance.

Do you have a life motto you live by?

Life moto: “you can always take one more step” I also remind myself how lucky I am to be healthy and alive, and that I need to take full advantage and experience all of the amazing things life has to offer

Your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019: Win WTM with 100miles