OCR Norway

17. december -Marie Kloster

Mari Weider

Here goes! One of my eldest OCR friends, we go way back to when I was a better OCR racer, and all the way up to today where I enjoy seeing how she has evolved to one of Norways finest racers! We have so many amazing memories, and have literally traveled the world together - Andorra, Morzinne, Lake Tahoe, Mallorca - and Rakkestad! Next year awaits the Dolomits, and I cannot wait to open 2019 and write so many more memories! Love you babe!

 Name, age and team/country:

Marie Kloster, 37, Team OCR Norway and HinnaFriidrett



What brought you into this sport?

I was a bored wife in search of a sport that I could use my energy, and I was lucky I got in contact with both Håkon Frahm Stokka and Mari Weider. I ran my first OCR race, Barskingen in May 2015, I had no clue what I signed up to and I ran with The Weiders… everybody that knows them, will understand that it’s not recommended to run your first ever OCR race with them! Haha but I survived, and were totally hooked, and has been racing ever since.

Favorite race:

Spartan Race, especially the Super distance

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Roman rings, monkeybar. I love races that has technical trail running, I think that is my favorite obstacle.

There are so many great venues that it’s hard to pick one, in Norway I must say Trolljeger`s venue in Sandnes and Barskingen and in Europe it`s Morzine and Edinburg.

How is your training:

I run a lot, almost every day; I have a very good running coach that helps me with my running program. Running is very important at OCR races, especially Spartan Races.

When it comes to the strengths training, I have to be careful; I have a joint disease, so there is a fine line between being ok and overdoing it. I mostly train body weight training and grip. My goal is to be stronger in 2019.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional

Your goal for 2019:

Top 15 in Spartan Race European Championship, category elite.

Run a half marathon under 1.30

Run 10K under 40 min