OCR Norway

16. december - Helle Skrataas

Mari Weider

Helle! My darling Helle! Were to start and were to end…or well I hope the adventures With Helle will never stop! Helle is my always smiling little monkey. She is amazing in the bouldring walls, at riggs and everywere she can hold on to something the rest of us probably cannot! She is one of the few Girls who kept there bracelet at the OCRWC 2018 and at the Eurochamps in 2017 she took bronze in her age catagory.

My most precious moment With Helle are With no doubt or trip to Spartan World champs in Lake Tahoe 2017. I was suppose to travel With Marie Kloster, but because she got sick, Helle stepped in on very short notice. And oh what fun we had. That trip will always shine like a Diamond in my heart. Another trip I also must mention, is the glamping trip With Superman at Aston Down in 2017! So much fun, and elite podium on Helle and me together!!!! Crazy stuff!



Helle Skrataas, 33 years old, Team OCR Norway



What brought you in to this sport:

I saw an evening show on Norwegian TV there one of the hosts and one non-athletic guest was challenged to run the Tough Viking winter edt. in Åre, Sweden. I saw their run and I thought, WOW! That looks though, I want to try!!

I googeled Tough Viking and discovered OCR! Ran my first OCR in May 2015, the Tough Viking at Tryvann in Oslo, it was cold, rainy, even snow in the air (in May!), but it was fantastic!! I managed all the obstacles and I was hooked.Since then I have run a lot of races and the good sportsmanship is just extraordinary for this sport! Everyone helps and cheer each other on throughout the course, and that makes me so happy!!

Favorite race:

There is hard to pick one! There are so many cool races and they all got their own charm! Since I love obstacles, I really like Bootcamp survivor, Toughest, the European Champs course and the world champs course, they are just packed with a lot of cool obstacles. But I also must mention Spartan races, the really make you work hard with lots of hills, carries and technical obstacles.

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Give me a multirig and I’m happy! Give me several rigs and I’m as happy as a little girl at Christmas!

How is your training:

I don’t really follow a plan or program with my training. I do what I like to do. So I run 2-3 times a week, trail running, interval running, and some times I run to/from work to squeeze in a little session on a busy day. I also love to climb, and that is excellent for your grip strength.  I climb 2-3 times a week, now in the winter it’s most sports climbing inside, but in the summer it’s outside, both sports and trad climbing. But I also go to the gym to improve or mostly maintain my body strength.

What I really fancy about this sport is that you must be an allrounder. It demands strength, endurance, agility, technique and mental strength, and that motivates me.

Do you have a life motto you live by:

I have lived, and I have learned a few things. The most important is that you are responsible for your own happiness! If you are not happy about where you are, only YOU can make a change to it. Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people that loves you and respect you for who you are.

Your goals for 2019:

I will try to qualify for the OCR European and world championship 2019.