OCR Norway

15. december - Lillian Dramsdahl

Mari Weider

When you read this I am probably on my way to celebrate my achievement on Iceland with this amazing girl and my first ocr crush Mona Strande. It is Monas Christmas party, and I think this is gonna be crazy fun….like it always is ;)

Lillian - were shall I start...she is so so dear to me. I really love this girl, and she is one of my biggest heros. Plus...every time I see her back, my eyes pop out, my chin falls down...and I start to drool! She just looks like a million bucks...and then some! One time I took a photo of her back when she climbed a rope, showed it to her - and she said “oh is that how I look? I have never seen my back before!” That is how Lillian is...”oh I haven’t tried that, I don’t know if I can do it....” and then she always (!) go and smash it! I don’t think there is one sport that Lillian hasn’t tried...and there is not much she doesn’t ace! I can talk for hours and hours about Lillian...and so can she :) Like in Tahoe when we were interviewed by Coach Joe Di...”I don’t know what to say”, she said....Hehe well that was the joke of the day, because it was Joe Di who didn’t got to say so much!! Lillian was way to bissy telling him about OCR, yoga and underwater rugby;)

My favorite moment with Lillian...I have no idea! I just collect every single one, put them deep into my heart and take them out when I need to smile! 


Name, age and team/country:

Lillian Dramsdahl, 45, Team OCR Norway, Norway



What brought you into this sport:

A friend of mine asked me to join her team for Viking Race in 2013. It was fun, but didn't make me do more runs. The awakening happened in 2015, when I was asked to join a team 2 days prior an X-run race. The race was so much fun! The two guys I ran with, were fantastic! They cheered me on the whole way and were at such a good spirit!! Those guys!! And there I met Mari!! After this encounter, I couldn't get enough of this sport!

Favorite race:

Spartan!! And because I am not a sprinter, they must be 12 km + +!

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Hills and carrying where I get so exhausted that I really feel live! I also enjoy combination obstacles (multi rigs), even though they by far are my strength. Mastering new obstacles outside my comfort zone gives me great pleasure!

How is your training:

Without a plan... A little bit of everything. Running, lifting weights, underwaterrugby, cycling my Fatbike, kettlebell, yoga, climbing... What makes me happy!!

Do you have a life motto you live by:

No, but I have learnt from a good friend to ask myself: Does this make you happy? So I do a lot of what makes me happy. And I also try to do good to others. I feel sad for all those who struggle in life. Both friends, and also my young students. I want them to be happy in life, and to be strong to handle life's struggles.

Your goal for 2019:

Not the same as in 2018, which was crazy!!! In 2019 I want to have fun!! I want to visit my brother and enjoy the mountains in Northern Norway with him both during winter and summer with Randonee, telemark skiing, ice- and rock climbing.  More scuba diving! Maybe some PRs in lifting weights. And of course more Spartan races!!! I want a Trifecta!!!!