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14. desember - Rea Kolbl

Mari Weider

I cannot wait anymore. «Save the best for last» - or just bring her in the midle! Or who am I to say who is best or not...at least I am a huge fan of this girl! I have seen her twice in Lake Tahoe, and just finally dared to go up to her and say «Hi» this december in Iceland. And guess what - she was totally as sweet and humble as everybody else!! Its so strange, because to me she is a big hero, but I guess she just sees herself as a normal girl. Still gave me lots of energy seeing her in the middle of the dark night in Iceland. Just a few weeks ago she won the worlds toughest mudder, and still came to Iceland to cheer on and help out in the changing areas!


Rea Kolbl, United States, Spartan Pro Team (but originally from Slovenia)



What brought you into this sport? 

I grew up as a gymnast but when I quit after 11 years I gained a lot of weight. To lose weight and get healthy again I picked up running and quickly fell in love with trails. After a few years of slowly building my running mileage, I came across a Spartan Race on groupon and did it with a few of my friends. I loved it but thought nothing more of it as a fun event, until I returned in 2016 and raced in Elite. I did really well and figured I'd give this sport a more serious try :) 

 Favorite race?

Spartan Killington Beast & World's Toughest Mudder

I guess I also like longer race - 8 hour Toughest Mudders are my favorite, but anything over 10 miles is fun.

Favorite venue/obstacle?

Killington & Tahoe. Favorite obstacle: Stacks (Tough Mudder) and Tarzan Swing (Spartan Killington exclusive)

How is Your training?

I run about 80-90 miles a week in the mornings, all an trails and with considerable elevation gain. In the afternoons I do OCR specific workouts that focus on upper body strength, heavy carry abilities, and general strength. Three times a week I follow Yancy Camp workouts; on the remaining 4 days it's a combination of strength, carry workouts, and cross training such as biking or low impact cardio machines.

Do you have a life motto you live by?

There's a silver lining in everything :)

Your goal for 2019?

Go through the season uninjured, have fun at (most) of the races, and be the first person to win WTM three times in a row