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12. desember - Nicola Callison

Mari Weider

I think many of you know that a big part of My heart has been left in the UK. Nicola has a little part of it. She is a supersweet girl, who is a machine on the course. We started together with Spartan races, but the last two years she has fallen more and more in love with endurance races, and travels around to run loooong. She had been in Australia, and the last two years attended the WTM! Lucky her! Maybe I might Get lucky and Get to run with her in that race one day! Until then - we always have UK - Thank god! 


Nicola Callison, 27, European reviewer for Obstacle racing media, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



What brought you into this sport:

I did a Spartan for fun in Edinburgh 3 years ago, I’d never realised OCR was even a sport! After one I fell in love and started competing properly in 2016/17

Favorite race:

True Grit Enduro, Sydney Australia

Favorite obstacle/venue:

Obstacle: Double Rainbow (Tough Mudder)

Venue: True Grit Enduro - the trails are super fun!

How is your training:

My training is very erratic due to my job- I’m an auditor/qualified accountant by day and it takes up ALOT of my time! But mostly I do hard HIIT circuit training, I don’t run as often as I should as I have so many knee and ITB issues that I find I can never keep up a structured running programme unfortunately (but most of the races I do well in fall into ultra distance OCR category purely because of my mental grit to get my head down and slog on- guess it’s not all about pounding the pavements getting the mileage in prep)

Do you have a life motto you live by:

‘What doesn’t challenge you won’t change you!’

Your goal for 2019:

Top 10 Pro women @ OCRWC Enduro

65 miles WTM/Top 15 female finish