OCR Norway

Thank you so much everybody!!! #ocrfamily

Mari Weider

Just this needs to be in english...many have asked me if I could write in English...but difficult to always do that. 

But this weekend...were shall I start... 



I will take the long recap a bit later, but this is important for me to get off my heart! So many of you asked me - How did it go? And some ment “how did the stairway go?” - well it smacked my ass as usual...but I gave it quite a fight this year before I caved in. But most of you mean - how did Karoline do?



For the first time in her life she stood on the start line in an international championship. Racing the Qualifier heat, but qualified for age-group start. I  grateful though that we went for journeyman. Maybe it was a bit to long...or yes it was. She was a queen the first 10 km, she carried the heavy sandbag all the long way in the woods, she jumped over the high fences, she carried and draged more heavy stuff, chains, farmers walk and more. She aced different monkey bars, conquered her fear for the steep slide, she drove the zip line, and she made it through so much mud it was Mr Mouse and Tough guy worthy! 



But at the hoist the bracelet disappears, tears came down her face, she was devastated, angry and ran as fast as she could - from there it was heavy, stairways to heaven, more mud, long runs all alone in the woods, a platinum rig that was changed to a difficult version, verjagen saga with crazy spinning wheels, there were high rigs and more running, more mud and slippery obstacles that became scary when covered in mud. There were more tears, fighting, kilometer after kilometer until the last obstacle - the gigant last wall...with even more slippery ropes. I got easy up, but I saw fear and tears when I met her eyes. But I also saw all the love from our OCR family. So many from our team, so many that we love were there waiting for us, pepping her - I became strong as a lion, asked her to hold on - we were going up that last wall - no matter what! 



I literally draged her up - but what I was told today was that people started to talk - “let’s get her up”, started to move forward to help her. Everybody wanted to see her over. When I hear stuff like that - my heart explodes with love, love for a sport, a community that is so special! That cheers, helps out and stands up for the ones who need it! 


On top of the world, a big step on a start to a new OCR adventure. So much conquard in a little under 5 hours. So much feelings, laughter, smiles, proudness, tears, anger, fatigue and then again - smile and happiness in the end. 



To everybody we met on the course, to all the volutairs cheering on us, to Superman, Nora and Sharon who followed us around, to team OCR Norway who waited for us until the bitter end, to Hege who always are a big smile, to Graham for fixing her tears befor start, to Dry-robe for keeping her warm after the race, to everybody who reads this and know that they have been there for us this weekend - THANK YOU, it ment so much for us, for Karoline - keeping us warm, when times got hard and cold! 

And thank you Rachelanne and OCRWC for giving us an amazing event and another epic OCR experience <3


Lots of hugs and love from  

Karoline and me