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25.desember - What obstacle course racing is all about!

Mari Weider

Soooo...have you survived Christmas? I did! Gonna go out running some hills today. Gotta have saved up some energy from last night dont you think?

Well...so why do I Write in English? Well...I have so many awesome English friends - they deserve at least one blogg in English. I know they use Google translate to read my writings...and I am so humble to them. They have become dear friends, and as one of them said - "My life has changed forever after Meeting you!" And so it is true. My life as well has changed, not only for Meeting them, but for Meeting so many incredibly People. Its almost like I wanna move to England...or Malmø...or Copenhagen...or Germany...or wherever...not a day goes by without me not thinking of all my awesome friends I have made.

That is some of what obstacle course racing is about - CAMARADERIE! But it is also about COURAGE and COMPETITON. We all have Our issues and reasons for running, some for the fun of it, some to prove something, some to achieve something, some to be best, some to be better than yesterday and some to feel the adrenalin running through the body.

I got a Message two days ago. From a guy who has made a documentary about a guy named Shaun Gash. I Guess you guys from UK know this man - but for the rest of us - I now got the Movie free to show all of you. And enjoy it, it is so awesome, I had tears in my eyes seeing it! It all came back to me, all the feelings, the joy and the People. This Movie has really captored what OCR is really about!

Thank you Dan Davison for sharing <3

Love you guys - hope you enjoy it!

Love Mari